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MannmitketteMasculine men’s jewelry
Men and jewelry. Two worlds, united into a harmonious whole. On one side stands a man unwilling to wear ordinary jewelry. On the other lies Gani Mariano jewelry, ready for its new owner. One glance at the Gani Mariano jewelry, and he knows he has found the perfect match.

Powerful and creative
Powerful, expressive and evocative, the creative pendants awaken a fire deep within. He confidently reaches for his favorite chain and slips it over his head. What rests against his chest? A mythical creature? A mysterious snake? A protective cross? Every single piece in the Gani Mariano collection for men has its own ancient appeal that captivates him – and her.

The powerful, masculine look is not lost on the opposite sex, but exerts an intriguing appeal. These items possess their own medieval mystique, convey strength and protection, embody courage and inner strength. They awaken a fire deep within.

Gani Mariano. Masculine jewelry for the independent man.


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Art.-Nr.P13-176 / Art.-Nr.P13-181 / Art.-Nr.P08-107 / Art.-Nr.P13-168



Men’s jewelry with cross pendants are rich with symbolism. In ancient times, the horizontal line stood for the earth; the vertical line for heaven. Together, the two lines represented the union of heaven and earth. Christians believe the vertical line represents their connection to God, while the horizontal line represents connections to other people. The cross acquired special significance through the crucifixion of Jesus and remains a powerful symbol of sin and redemption. The Biblical significance of the cross has given rise to many variations: the Celtic cross, the Templar cross, the Maltese cross and, last but not least, the summit cross. Growing modern-day interest in the Middle Ages has made the cross an integral part of men’s jewelry.

Men’s jewelry with snake pendants scintillate in many mythological facets.
Snakes possess a certain mythical fascination around the globe. Many cultures attribute supernatural abilities to them.
In the Bible, the snake represents temptation and seduction. Ancient Egyptians worshipped a snake goddess, and then a serpent god that opposed Ra, the sun god. In India, snakes are honored as symbols of vital energy. Ancient Greeks saw snakes as holy creatures that could remain forever young by sloughing off their skins. They were said to have healing powers and thus became a symbol for physicians and pharmacists. In Italy, a small town in Abruzzo holds a snake procession every year. Some Native American tribes view snakes as divine messengers. And the Australian aborigines believe the Rainbow Serpent controls water and is a life-giving protector that keeps nature in its original state.

Men’s jewelry with mythical creature pendants is also popular. Like the cross and snake, mythical creatures touch our subconscious and stimulate our imagination. They often have a long tradition and play pivotal roles in sagas and myths.