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Alluring women’s jewelry

Alluring women’s jewelry should be more than merely attractive. It should enchant you with its aura, beauty and versatility. Women’s jewelry from Gani Mariano does more than that – it captivates your heart and imagination.

Captivating and exclusive

Exclusive women’s jewelry should do more than just glitter. It should light up the eyes of the people who wear it and those who behold it. Women’s jewelry from Gani Mariano puts a spring in every woman’s step and a sparkle in her eyes.

Fascinating and unique

Unique women’s jewelry does not stand on its own. It transforms its wearer into a gem in her own right. Women’s jewelry from Gani Mariano allows every woman to highlight what makes her special.







People have worn jewelry since time immemorial. As early as in the Stone Age, men and women wore necklaces made out of seashells, snail shells or other organic materials. Metal jewelry-making, however, did not begin until the advent of the Bronze Age around 3000 BC. Jewelry was not originally an important store of value or medium of exchange, but that changed as more expensive materials were used. The symbolism of jewelry grew in the Middle Ages. In the Baroque period, under the influence of Louis XIV, jewelry became an extravagant, ostentatious luxury reserved for a wealthy elite. This period also witnessed the rise of silver jewelry. Industrialization brought many changes. Even jewelry began to be mass-produced. Costume jewelry has been ubiquitous ever since. Today, everyone wears jewelry. It is the job of the jewelry dealer and supplier, however, to find special pieces and brands that have a unique character, but are still affordable.